Sunday, January 26, 2014

surgery for Mike

These are the tendons that Dr. Fealy will repair for Mike. In November he had the Supraspinatus reattached on the left side. This time he tore both the supraspinatus and the Infraspinatus. On the right side. The surgery requries an anchor to be inserted into the bone and then the tendon is pulled up and stitched onto the anchor. Last time they also had to grind the bone down which causes extra pain during recovery. We won't know until he gets out of surgery if he will have had the bone shaved again. Currently he is able to use the left arm a limited amount. It is getting better each day. I know he will be happy to have this over and done with.

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Susan In Texas said...

Best of luck to Mike. I hope he makes a complete recovery very quickly.

Take care,
Susan in Texas